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Fellow getting a piggyback ride up a staircase


Goodness, AI is taking the online (and offline) marketing world by storm. When a client told me about ChatGPT earlier in the year — that it did a pretty good

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Clock with time 7 past 10

Timing Email Newsletters

Today’s email is a brief tip from an e-newsletter-whiz colleague, Michael Katz, of Blue Penguin Development.  When this one dropped in my inbox and I read it, I thought, “That

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Confused emoji

Always Be Thinking Easy

This was pretty stupid.  I am a subscriber to a largish organization who sent me an email announcement. It was about their new website.  The announcement was in the form

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Easy Social Posting

Easy Social Posts

Many local retail companies had an initial burst of excitement when they first built and launched their Facebook page. At first, regular postings were made. But soon, postings lagged. Heck,

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