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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is not rocket science … nor is it voodoo.

In fact, when I’m doing search engine optimization (SEO), I like to explain all that “voodoo” to my clients. As they begin to understand, they are able to make suggestions that help keep their websites properly optimized for search and getting them the highest possible rankings.

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But SEO is detailed work. And it can be tedious and time consuming. So it is best to have someone who knows the ropes and keeps up on the latest Google algorithm changes (algorithms are the formulas that search engines use to rank pages).

What makes me significantly different from other SEO providers is that I am also an experienced web copywriter. SEO involves words. You need a terrific writer.

Another difference is that I only optimize per Google’s guidelines. Google gets the vast majority of searches and I find that by optimizing for Google, the other search engines pick up much of my work as well.

If you are a monster company (like Amazon or Sears), then finding an SEO provider who works with all the search engine algorithms makes sense. That wouldn’t be me. But for most small companies, my level of expertise is more than enough.

Here’s what I can provide …

  • Evaluating Your Current Situation
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Strategy
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Title Tag Writing
  • Description Tag Writing
  • Alt Tag Writing for Images
  • In-Bound Linking Strategies
  • External Linking Strategies
  • Content Staff Coaching

You’ve probably been putting this off a long time. So contact me now and let’s get started!

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