Friendly Web Content Development for Local Companies

Why “friendly” is important …

Hi, my name is Katherine Andes. Let’s get right to it. These are the three things I spend most of my time on:

  1. Developing friendly web content for sites designed by someone else.
  2. Developing friendly web content for storefront websites.
  3. Developing friendly web content for sites I design using a website builder.

Why is “friendly” sooooo important?

Today’s marketing demands a “friendly” conversational voice. The writing on your website must be relaxed, yet informative. Like one friend talking to another. This builds trust between your company and your prospects.

By the way, the friendliness isn’t just about the words. It’s also about how the site is arranged. 

  • Does the navigation make sense?
  • Are the images compelling?
  • Are there badges to reinforce trust?
  • How about testimonials?
  • Are the call-to-actions strategically placed?
  • Are the tags for search engine optimization (SEO) written to encourage click throughs from search results?

Since 2007, I have helped local businesses put their best foot forward online.

The companies I work for show up well in Google search rankings and their customers love their websites because they are friendly and easy to use.

Isn’t it time you kicked your online presence up a notch?

Remember — Better Web Content means Better Web Sales. 



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Carl Nelson Insurance

We needed someone who would listen and understand our business. Kathy did that. A lot of people today are taking the time to shop, so we needed our website to show that we are different from the big name insurance agencies. We’re local, independent, and take the personal approach. We needed terms to be explained so that people know the differences between our products. The pages had to make sense, yet still be friendly and easy to use. Our rankings are strong so we can compete against the big names. There’s more engagement with our pages and we get more business. With Kathy, we got our value. Despite, the Covid-19 lockdown there are still people shopping for insurance; we’ve been writing business all throughout this difficult period.

Carl Nelson, Carl Nelson Insurance
Hanford Roofing

Our website is fantastic. We always rank very high in Google. We get lots of inquiries and they are good leads. Customers like the helpful information Kathy put on our website. Andy and I especially like how Kathy explains things about the Internet. Kathy will explain something to me and then I tell Andy and he understands. Otherwise, we would have no clue about these things. And we get lots of compliments from other web designers which is nice.

Michele Perez, Hanford Roofing
IDEA! Printing & Graphics

Kathy is meticulous. She checks everything; things don’t escape her. She got me a practically free website upgrade from my storefront provider. I’ve talked to them for years and they never mentioned that I could get a free upgrade. Kathy figured it out. Before the upgrade my mobile was terrible, now it looks great. She does a lot of work that’s unseen. I knew she was good at SEO, but I didn’t expect it to start working so soon. I type in keywords and our site pops up now in the search results in top positions, often #1. The phone is ringing. We’re seeing results. I definitely have a lot of trust in Kathy’s work. 

Jim Laber, IDEA! Printing & Graphics