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Favicons Are in Google Search Results

There’s a little icon called a favicon that is very helpful to website users and helpful to online branding. They appear in your browser window and help folks recognize that they have a window on your website already open. Here’s mine …

Looks nice doesn’t it? When you have a lot of windows open in your browser, take a look at the various favicons and notice which ones stand out clearly

Lately, I’ve noticed these favicons also show up alongside your listing in Google search results. Here are two examples …

They look terrific.
But what happens if you don’t have a favicon on your web property? Google serves up a default image. It looks like this

What is particularly bad about the above snippet is that these folks are forking out big bucks to run Google Ads and they don’t have a custom favicon! It makes them look unprofessional.

While researching this post, I noticed what appears to be a different default image or lack of an image …

Adding a favicon to your website is an easy inexpensive fix to elevate your online branding.

Easy Web Tip 346: If you don’t have an attractive, crisp favicon talk to your web master about getting one.

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