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Should You Fake Google Reviews? 

Here’s a screenshot of an email I received awhile back offering to write fake reviews for Google. 

You may have received one, too.

Screenshot of email soliciting fake Google reviews

Now I could tell you if you do this, Google will catch you and penalize you. However, I won’t tell you that because I really don’t know. 

Usually, Google figures out how to catch bad actors. But Google, despite what many would like you to believe, is not all-knowing.

The main reason I am telling you not to do this is because it’s a lie. 

Lying is wrong.

It will lead you down a bad path. Ask Pinocchio. 

Pinocchio emoji.

Don’t lie with your reviews. Don’t lie with your testimonials. Don’t lie with your content.

If you think you must lie to stay competitive, rethink the business you’re in.

Easy Web Tip 344: With respect to reviews, testimonials, and content: Tell the truth.

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