Web Copywriting

Professional and Custom Web Copywriting Services.

When planning the content for your website there are two main areas you need to cover:

  1. Your web pages should attract prospective customers via search engines (free traffic) or paid campaign like AdWords.
  2. Your web pages should “convert” … that is get your prospective customer to take a next step, e.g. sign up for a newsletter, order a product, pick up the phone, go to your store, etc.

unique selling point

My process for doing the above begins with a detailed Creative Brief. My brief goes in-depth to assist me to understand your business and help us uncover what sets you apart from your competition. Once completed, it becomes my “bible” for writing your content.

My professional and custom web copywriting services — including SEO copywriting — will help you stand out from your competitors.

I do not farm out web copywriting to subcontractors. So you know your information is safe with me.

And you know you are getting my complete personal attention, experience, and ability.

If you’re like most small businesses, you’ve been putting this off a long time. Today is the day to turn it around. Talk to you soon!