Katherine’s Contributions to Radio, Podcasts, Magazines, Newspapers, and Ezines



Ed Gandia Podcast

In 2015, Ed Gandia interviewed me for his High-Income Business Writing podcast about launching a freelance business after the age of 55. Fun!  Should You Go Freelance If You’re 55 or Older?



Sales Caffeine


May 29, 2012: My article the Amazing Power of Checklists featured May 29, 2012 in Jeffrey Gitomer’s popular Sales Caffeine Ezine.


Furniture World

March/April 2012: Extensively interviewed for article entitled Plug into Domestic for Furniture World Magazine (print and online).



October 2010: Radio talk show host Alan Autry of KYNO 1300 in Fresno, California interviewed me about my work in web content development. You can listen to the interview below … about 18 minutes all together.

Part I
Includes 3 client super-micro case studies.

Part II
Includes critique of Autry’s web page.


November 2008: Article Web Marketing Made Easy for Casual Living Magazine (print and online).