Testimonials For Kathy Andes


Whitlatch Realty

Kathy, this is Bill Whitlatch. I just wanted to let you know that we showed a man from Phoenix, Arizona property in the Lindsay-Porterville area and when I asked, ‘How did you determine you wanted to go with us?’ He said, ‘I just went on the internet and you were one of the first companies to come up.’ So what you’ve done has worked …

(From the actual phone call …)

Bill Whitlatch, Whitlatch Realty
Carl Nelson Insurance

We needed someone who would listen and understand our business. Kathy did that. A lot of people today are taking the time to shop, so we needed our website to show that we are different from the big name insurance agencies. We’re local, independent, and take the personal approach. We needed terms to be explained so that people know the differences between our products. The pages had to make sense, yet still be friendly and easy to use. Our rankings are strong so we can compete against the big names. There’s more engagement with our pages and we get more business. With Kathy, we got our value. Despite, the Covid-19 lockdown there are still people shopping for insurance; we’ve been writing business all throughout this difficult period.

Carl Nelson, Carl Nelson Insurance
Vision Selling Systems

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you, Kathy. You are consistent and your work ethic is the kind America is losing. This project is the biggest thing I’ve ever worked on and you have been a big part of that. I truly do appreciate your help with our product.

Dan Gamel, Vision Selling Systems
IDEA! Printing & Graphics

Kathy is meticulous. She checks everything; things don’t escape her. She got me a practically free website upgrade from my storefront provider. I’ve talked to them for years and they never mentioned that I could get a free upgrade. Kathy figured it out. Before the upgrade my mobile was terrible, now it looks great. She does a lot of work that’s unseen. I knew she was good at SEO, but I didn’t expect it to start working so soon. I type in keywords and our site pops up now in the search results in top positions, often #1. The phone is ringing. We’re seeing results. I definitely have a lot of trust in Kathy’s work. 

Jim Laber, IDEA! Printing & Graphics
The Darling Hotel

Incredible value, great customer service, and very knowledgeable! It was a pleasure working with Kathy. She was able to quickly accomplish our project and offers a premium service at an incredible value. I really appreciate that she was honest and did not try to sell me something I did not need. I would recommend her to any local looking to improve their website. 

Michael Seaward, The Darling Hotel
Robinson's Interiors

What I appreciate the most about Kathy is her organizational skills, suggestions, follow up, and implementation. She is easy to work with. When we hired a firm to rebuild our website, to transition our old site to a new updated platform, we got hung up in transitioning the content from the old site to the new site. Kathy rescued us. Our website turned out great. There’s lots of good content and photos. It’s balanced, tasteful. It flows well. Kathy also did a good job on the SEO. We rank well in search for our keywords. Our website consistently generates new leads by phone calls and Internet forms.

Jake Robinson, Robinson's Interiors
Hanford Roofing

Our website is fantastic. We always rank very high in Google. We get lots of inquiries and they are good leads. Customers like the helpful information Kathy put on our website. Andy and I especially like how Kathy explains things about the Internet. Kathy will explain something to me and then I tell Andy and he understands. Otherwise, we would have no clue about these things. And we get lots of compliments from other web designers which is nice.

Michele Perez, Hanford Roofing
StorMax Storage

The reason we first met with Kathy was because my grandpa saw an article she wrote in the Fresno Business Journal. We didn’t know how it was going to go, but once she showed us how we could have all of our 11 locations on one website and rank well in each location, it was a done deal. It’s been a pleasure working with Kathy and very easy to get things done for the website or other platforms she assists with like Google My Business and Yelp. She stays on top of everything so that if I miss something she notifies me or just takes care of it herself. Since we created the website and other platforms, our access to customers has increased tenfold. We rank very well in search for all of our locations. Kathy makes things easy and she’s extremely helpful.

Justin Vlotho, StorMax Storage
St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School

New families are finding our website and Facebook page and coming to tour the school! This has to be a first … thanks to you!

Jamie Perkins, St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School
Babb Scents Scentsy

Working with Katherine has been an amazing experience and someone I would recommend to others. She went the extra mile and was always there to answer questions and even went above and beyond to help me understand my website. I appreciate all her help and would love to work with her again.

Lisa Babb, Babb Scents Scentsy

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your work on the CNS project. Having spent 10 years with Foote, Cone, & Belding; Mojo; and, DDB I have seen some great writers. Since those days in the 80’s, I’ve seen a lot who did not know anything about selling, about strategy, and it was a joy to find someone who ‘got it.’ You demanded background, a creative brief, strategic thinking and, as such, you were able to create truly professional work that will sell and build business. I also like the fact that you continually revise and edit to get things right. Rich Vitaliano, a great writer and friend (he wrote the TV spot that taught E.T. to ‘phone home’) always insisted that you cut and edit until the ad or website had to go live. You did that. Great Work!

Robert Blomquist, Integrated Management Metrics
Impressive Resumes, Melbourne, Australia

I paid quite a lot of money to a web developer who did do a good job, but I needed some help … previously I had been told, ‘It’s up to Google; it’s up to Google; just wait for Google.” Which is true to a degree, however, like most business people I don’t really like waiting for other faceless organizations … once Kathy Andes had given me some tips, my sales increased by 40% alone … my bounce rate has dropped to about 8% … I’ve probably earned eight times what I’ve paid her in her services, so it’s definitely worth it.

Andrea Drew, Impressive Resumes, Melbourne, Australia

Kathy, I just want to let you know that since you worked on my web site, my in-store traffic is up 21% and delivered sales are up 26%. Plus my advertising costs are down 11% over the prior year, same period.” Several years later, client sent this in an email, “Your expertise has helped us achieve continual improvement in SEO, content, and results.Thanks! Dan Losh”

Daniel M. Losh

There’s nothing but good news on the Internet. Someone in San Jose found us. He has a place in Oakhurst. He ordered $13,000 in flooring … I deal with a lot of professionals everyday and you are by far the most professional person I work with.

Steve Richardson, Robinson's Flooring at Thomasville, Fresno, CA
Mirrored Stainless Solutions, Waupaca, WI

My Internet business was up and running for two years without much success or calls. By the grace of God, I found Kathy. In a short time, she was able to reword the pages of my web site in such a way as to use keywords that were suitable for the product I sell. The results were immediate. The phone started ringing and the orders came. She wrote the pages so well that when they call, they’re ready to buy. Come up first in the organic search without having to pay a dime to Google. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to get results and more customers.

Paul Lencki, Mirrored Stainless Solutions, Waupaca, WI
Superior Air, Visalia, CA

Kathy, I just wanted to take the time to drop you a line and say thank you for the great job on the website. Your attention and follow through on the project was refreshing. Although the changes have only been active for around 8 weeks, the already good phone traffic from the internet has had a dramatic change. Analytics and statistics aside, we still do it the old fashioned way, “How did you hear about us” Thanks for a great job and we look forward to future business.

Larry Kapigian, Superior Air, Visalia, CA
Tulare-Kings Right to Life, Visalia, CA

Kathy, Just thought you would like to know that I just spoke with someone from Bruce Wilkinson’s [author Book of Jabez] organization, and he said that our website and banquet page are excellent. They work mostly with CPC’s, and many of them do not even have a site, let alone one as nice as ours. He was practically in awe that we have such a nice site and have links to purchase tables, etc. I wanted you to know that your fame is spreading!

April Kesterson, Tulare-Kings Right to Life, Visalia, CA