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Catholic Work

As a writer, and Catholic copywriter, I have been privileged to contribute articles to numerous Catholic print and online publications including This Rock, Envoy, Catholic Lane, The Family, and many more.

In recent years, I don’t have as much time to write Catholic pieces. But I am pleased that a local secular paper, The Fresno Bee, always publishes my columns, even when they are faith-based. Here’s one: Pope Francis’ “Jesus loves you:” Banal or sublime?

Friendly Defenders

As a Catholic author, I created and co-authored with Matt Pinto the following flash cards to teach children and youth how to answer typical challenges to the Catholic faith. This involved taking complicated teachings and simplifying them so that even children can understand. The cards have been highly praised for this feature. In fact, many professional adult apologists have said they liked them because they often got simply and quickly to the heart of the issues.

Released in 2001, over 70,000 sets have been sold.

Friendly Defenders (1) helps children (and grownups) answer the most common objections to their Catholic faith.

Friendly Defenders 2 assists older youth to answer the skeptic. Excellent preparation for high school and college students.


Friendly Defenders 1-2


Holy Halloween

One of my Catholic articles, Taking Back Our Holy Halloween, is often republished and found on the Internet by parents in the fall. As a result, I always receive requests for a copy of the cards my children and I used to give out while trick-or-treating. Here are two cards to download: One for Your Children to Give Out and One for You to Give Out to Kids Who Come to Your Door.

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