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Clock with time 7 past 10

Timing Email Newsletters

Today’s email is a brief tip from an e-newsletter-whiz colleague, Michael Katz, of Blue Penguin Development.  When this one dropped in my inbox and I read it, I thought, “That

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Web Writing Grammar Tips

Quick Grammar Lookup

This will be my last time on grammar tips for your website writing. For a while. Rather than giving you specific examples of typical problems, I’ll simply show you how

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Web Tip Checklist

Yours, Theirs, Its

So I’m continuing on my grammar streak right now in my web tips. Last week I shared a tip about thats. As mentioned in that tip, I have developed a

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Following Protocol. Do It!

Every business has systems set up to ensure operations run as error-free as possible. Following protocol helps everyone from management on down to do his or her job well. Even

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