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Web Tip Checklist

Yours, Theirs, Its

So I’m continuing on my grammar streak right now in my web tips. Last week I shared a tip about thats. As mentioned in that tip, I have developed a

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Copywriting tip

You Not We

When writing your web pages, remember the best grammatical voice to use is the 2nd person, i.e. you, your. The second person voice is the longstanding, proven gold standard for

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Adapt and Overcome

Last year was a tough year for most retail stores. As a service provider, it’s been tough for me, too. Many clients paused or stopped their work. As I reflect

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Write Down Ideas for Website

Write It Down. Everything.

I remember when my daughter was in high school and helping a friend with algebra. My daughter said, “She really gets the concepts, her problem is she makes mistakes because

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