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Follow the Golden Rule and Write Heartfelt Web Pages

Years ago, my son saved enough money to put a big down payment on a new truck, but he needed me to go with him to co-sign for the loan (and, yes, he completely paid for the loan by himself, on time).

We went to a dealership where the salesman quickly saw an eager and willing buyer. The dealership did not have the specific truck my son wanted, but they assured us they could get it. We waited and waited while the salesman ran back and forth between his manager and us, always assuring us he was “just minutes away” from securing the exact truck my son wanted.

Man shopping for truck.

After three hours, we walked out. Disgusted.

Customers should be treated the way you would want to be treated.

With web content, I believe the same thing. Visitors should be treated the way you would want to be treated.

Sometimes I read articles about copywriting that claim to have the “secret” to writing copy that always sells. Sometimes they talk about techniques that “fire the right neurons in the brain” making readers salivate to buy a product. Others promote sleazy copywriting techniques that can be very manipulative.

Sometimes I want to puke.

Yes, there are many things that make for good copywriting, but anything that smacks of manipulation, is just plain wrong.

If you truly believe in what you sell — and you should — there’s absolutely no need to be manipulative.

When writing your web page, simply state the case for your store or product as warmly, winsomely, and helpfully as you can. 

Think about how you first described your “true love” to your best friend. Or how you described your baby’s newest grand achievement. Or the crazy, yummy cheesecake you had last night. Get as close to one of those good feelings as you can when writing about your store or product.

If you can do that, your web pages will convert to leads and sales just fine.

Easy Web Tip #308: Heartfelt and honest copy on your web page is all you need to connect with your visitors. 

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