Rev: A Cool Transcription Tool

Sometimes in the course of developing web content, I need to have recorded information transcribed. Usually, it’s an interview of a lengthy conversation.

It’s tedious to go through and transcribe an audio recording manually. Even a five-minute interview can take 30 minutes or more to accurately transcribe.

Recently, I needed to transcribe the audio from a client’s video. It wasn’t very long, just three minutes.

I had just read about a transcribing service from Internet marketing guru Neil Patel.

The service is called Rev and it is super easy to use. Easy to sign up. Easy to order.

After signing up, I uploaded my video’s YouTube link (you can also upload a file) and clicked submit.

Transcription Tool Rev

Rev promised a transcription within 24 hours, but I received mine back within an hour.

What really impressed me when I received it, was that I could easily check the results. The transcription and video were side by side. I started the video and could read the transcription as it played.

Then any errors could be corrected right there, on the platform.

Out of three videos I uploaded, I only had to make a few minor corrections on one of the videos. Even the punctuation was excellent.

The cost? $1 a minute. What a deal!

Easy Web Tip #272: Use an online transcription service for fast and painless transcription of audio content.

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