Want to Improve SEO? Track Your Visitors With Analytics.

Lately, I’ve been speaking to companies who are not  tracking how many visits they are getting to their websites.

Often they contact me because they want to improve their rankings in the search results: search engine optimization. They want more organic leads from their websites.

Usually, I can help these clients even without tracking data. By doing keyword research and revising important pages with relevant keywords, we often see results:

  • Their websites rise higher in the search results.
  • They get more phone calls or emails from their website.
  • They get more contact forms filled out.

Those are the BEST tracking methods.

But, if there’s a problem, and we are not getting the desired results, then I need to dive deeper. And that’s where the historical and current visitor tracking data become important. Without the data, it’s simply guesswork as to what is the problem.

I recommend Google Analytics, which is a free tool. Your webmaster can help you sign up, grab the code, and upload it to your website.

Easy Web Tip #271: If you want to improve your SEO, be sure to track your website’s visitors with a good tracking tool.

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