Put Your Picture On Your Website

Sometimes I have “mom and pop” retail clients who are “private.” They don’t want their pictures on their website. Usually it’s just an exaggerated sense of modesty or a desire for privacy.

But business is no time to be modest!

And privacy? Ha, ha!

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Your website represents your store online. If your customers could ask to see you in your store, then they should also be able to see you via pictures on your website.

If folks can see you, they are more likely to begin to like you and your store. It’s a little thing perhaps, but every little thing that can make a potential customer choose your store over another is important.

Yes, your products are the stars of the show … but the supporting cast is important, too. That includes you, the owner, and your staffers as well. Get their friendly, smiling faces up on your site!

It’s best to get your pictures professionally done, which includes a little touching up. That will make your staffers feel better as they will look great.

Digital corporate photos are very inexpensive, when you don’t order printed copies.

Personally, I waited until I was having a good hair day and had a good night’s sleep. Then I phoned my photographer and booked a session that day.

Easy Web  Tip #173: Being shy can cost you customers. So get professional pictures of yourself and your staff and put them all on your website.

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