See A Mistake? Let The Webmaster Know.

Recently I was updating some content I had written for a client. I had originally written it about four years ago.

It was a lengthy sales landing page that was used for the company’s AdWords campaign. The page is a key page on my client’s site and has performed well over the years making my client money.

As I worked on the page, I found a word missing in a sentence. Okay, it’s easy for mistakes to creep in no matter how well the writer and the client proofreads. Then I found another mistake, this time in the punctuation.

Mistakes On Website

Then I noticed the headline wasn’t reading well either so I looked more closely and, sure enough, there was a critical punctuation error.

That’s really bad to have an error in the headline.

Frankly, I don’t remember how many errors I found on the page. It may have only been the three I’ve mentioned, but it may have been more. I corrected the work and then tried to forget about it.

But I couldn’t

Mentally, I retraced my steps to figure out how this happened, I remembered back to the time I was writing that piece. It was a very hectic time and I was writing a lot of content for various clients. I’m still busy, but that time four years ago was crazy busy. Since that time, I’ve implemented a new proofreading technique that is super helpful.

Still, nothing is foolproof. A lot of people had read my landing page and someone must have noticed the errors.

I sure wish one of them had used the Contact Us form just to let us know.

When someone does contact me about an error on my website or on one of my client’s sites, I’m super grateful.

In turn, I try to let folks know when there’s an error on someone else’s site.

Easy Web Tip #249: When you see a misspelled word, grammar error, or some other mistake on a website, please let the company know.

P.S. I sure hope there’s nothing wrong with this post. If there is, please let me know!


  1. Jean F

    I often see errors on company’s web pages. The most common is using “it’s” instead of “its.” I used to send these company’s feedback and even suggest they might wish to employ me to check their whole website and tell them where corrections were needed. Most did not reply. Those who did said having typos and grammatical errors on their website didn’t matter to them because they got plenty of sales. They did not seem to care about sales they might be missing because of their unprofessional website.

    • Jean F

      Ouch! I did not proof my comment adequately and cannot find a way to edit it now. It should read “I used to send these companies feedback.” Sorry for my imperfection.

      • Katherine Andes

        Thanks, Jean, for your comments. I hate talking about proofreading because that’s when I’m most likely to make a mistake! Despite how most companies respond to you, I would still let them know and your availability. Ya never know …

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