Fine Content Like Fine Stitches

Recently, I was reviewing a client’s new website and making dozens of polishing tweaks to the content and the search engine optimization writing on the backend.

Fine Content Is Like Fine Stitches

Many of the tasks were minor like a semi-colon here and a comma there. Or maybe I made sure that all the time abbreviations were consistent, like not having “p.m.” on one page and “pm” on another. Or maybe I swapped out misused ampersands (&) for the correct “and.”

When I wrote the description tags for the backend, I carefully crafted them to have a “cliffhanger” on the end to help improve click-through rates in searches.

All those little things will add up to a very polished and professional presentation to my client’s customers.

As I worked I thought,“They’ll never know what I’m doing for them.”

That’s because I don’t write my client a zillion notes telling him every little thing I did.

It reminds me of the time one of my clients told me how he used to sell draperies sewn by Japanese immigrant women.

He recalled, “They could really sew and if you looked at the underside, you could see the fine stitching. But most of my customers never knew what they were getting.”

I’m sure it’s that way for many businesses. Folks just don’t know the detail that goes into any great service.

Easy Web Tip #250: Always look for web service providers who know how to make “fine stitches.”


  1. Bruce

    A very good analogy. It inspires me to want to be a person who does fine stitching in the work that I do, even though it’s just around the house.

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