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Roll Out the Red Carpet from Your Website

In my small town, we have a Farmer’s Market every Thursday evening from May through October.

Part of the reason for the event is to draw folks to the struggling downtown area. The association that puts on the event encourages downtown stores to stay open during the event.

Most do not. “People don’t come into our store,” one owner told me. “It’s a waste of time.”

However, one creative shopkeeper came up with a clever idea. She purchased a vendor’s booth in front of her store and stocked it with some of her goods. Then she went the extra mile. From her booth, she created a red carpet that guided folks into her store. 

Red Carpet

On Thursday nights, there are always customers in her store.

What extra little thing can you do on your website that will roll out the red carpet to entice shoppers to come into your brick-and-mortar store?

Do you have copy that says, “Our pictures are great, but nothing beats seeing our name-of-product in person. Not to mention being able to touch and feel it.”

Maybe you could offer a giveaway to someone who mentions your website when they walk through the door. Like restaurants, you could tie your giveaway to a win with your local high school or college teams. For example, you could advertise on your website during the sports season, that your customer can walk into your store on a Monday after a win and say, “Go Name-of-Team” for a gift or discount.

I am sure you and your staff can come up with many other enticements to help folks come into your store and not the other guy’s. 

Easy Web Tip 283: Be positive and roll out the red carpet on your website to get folks into your store.

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