Relax And Let A Great Headline Float To The Top

Writing headlines for web pages, blog posts, and other online media can be a challenge.

Writing Great Headlines

Headlines are incredibly important. A bland headline or one that doesn’t capture interest means your content might be skipped over.

There are a lot of professional copywriting tips for writing great headlines, like …

  • Ask a question
  • Use a number in the title
  • Make it provocative
  • Make it counter intuitive
  • Make it unique
  • Make it super specific
  • Make it useful
  • Make it urgent

Those are all just fine and I do use them.

But one of the best tricks I learned — and I find I use it often — is to simply take your headline from a line in your article. An interesting line. One that stands out.

Yes, if you are doing SEO, you may be restrained because you want to get your keyword phrase in your headline. Or if you are working on a sales landing page, you might want to get your unique selling proposition in.

But for many pages and posts, you can simply relax and let a great headline float to the top.

Hey, I like that! So it will be my headline for this post.

Easy Web Tip #261: Writing headlines can be easy if you just look for a great line within your article.



  1. Bruce

    If I am ever in a position to write a website headline, I am now better prepared! No, those were very good tips.

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