Outgoing Links vs. Incoming Links

Business owners hear about the benefits of links and sometimes get confused. One client wrote asking me if he should put more outgoing links on his web site. Specifically, he wondered if where he had, say, a Chamber of Commerce logo, should he link to the Chamber’s site. Here’s what I wrote him …


Hi Alan,

Putting outgoing links on your web page is not particularly beneficial. It potentially takes people off of your site, and you worked hard to get them there. It’s best to give outgoing links only if they benefit your visitor, without harming you.

Now putting association logos on your website is a good idea. It shows you are a credible member in the community. There’s just no need to link to them unless it benefits you. For example, on my website the BBB logo goes to a review on the BBB site that shows my A+ rating.

I think you just helped me write a new web tip. Thanks!

Note in the above email, I am speaking of outgoing links. But quality incoming links are very valuable to you. Not only do they bring visitors to your site, but also they help you rank higher in organic search results.

EASY WEB TIP #145: Exercise extreme caution when placing outgoing links on your website. You worked hard to get your visitors to your site. Let’s keep them there.

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