Merchandising Your Website With Better Web Content

I’m a big fan of Marcus Lemonis and his CNBC Television Show, The Profit. The popular reality show is about his partnering with promising but problematic businesses and how he helps turn them around, although some owners are so uncooperative that the partnership fails.

Brainstorming Tips

A big part of his efforts involve re-merchandising the interior of the store he is working with. The store is cluttered with too many goods and too much inventory.

Lemonis makes a clean sweep and brings in professionals to create an environment that’s pleasing and enticing to customers.

As I watched the show one night, I thought: That’s what I do! Often websites are cluttered and have too many items competing for the visitor’s attention.

I make a clean sweep and repopulate the site with pleasing content. Granted, I’m not a designer, I don’t create the design elements; but neither does the brick-and-mortar merchandiser. She works with designers to bring the correct elements into the store.

Easy Web Tip #229: Both your retail store and your website can benefit from professional merchandising.

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