Malingering About Uploading Testimonials

I’ve written in the recent past about how hard it is to follow all of my own advice with respect to proofreading and time management. Now I have to add keeping my testimonial page updated on my own website.

I’m writing to you about it because every time I write about a personal problem area I get better. I’m hoping that magic works again.

Several months ago — it was cold and frosty — a client called me and told me how well the website content I developed was bringing in new customers. So I asked her if I could add her testimonial to my website. She promptly agreed.

I wrote up what she had told me and parked it on my desktop to upload later.

It’s 109° outside now. And that testimonial still sits there.

Yes, I’ve been busy … but we’re talking half a year! I’m not THAT busy.

Upload Testimonials

I need to either …

  1. Get off my behind and upload it.
  2. Spend the extra money and pay someone else to do it.

I always nag my readers and clients to capture every testimonial and upload it to all their web platforms.

Yet, here I stand the malingerer!

I sure hope that by writing this tip, I will have that testimonial uploaded before my next tip. No promises!

Easy Web Tip 247: Glowing testimonials sitting on your desktop won’t get you new customers.

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