Getting Your Inventory Online and Findable.

The Internet has changed the way people buy.

Now they can find exactly what they want through the Internet; they don’t have to settle for second best.

If they can find what they want locally, they’ll often buy locally. If not, they are off to the World Wide Web.

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In the old days, if a customer couldn’t find just what she wanted, she might have looked around your store for an alternative. Now, she’s more likely to search the Internet to find exactly what she wants.

It’s no use saying it’s unfair, complaining, or fighting reality. Rather, search for the new opportunities.

Remember, just as the local customer in your city can find what she wants in another city, a shopper in another town might find just what she wants in your store.

So you need to get your products — your entire inventory — on your website.

A cool advantage is that now even your discontinued items are salable. Someone out there needs to match a dining room chair or needs a part for a sprinkler system or needs to match a piece of carpet.

Remember, if you don’t put all of your merchandise on an e-commerce site, your customers will find what they want at someone else’s store.

Easy Web TiP #28: Put every single item you offer on your website and keep it updated daily. Make sure the item is “findable” with good online SEO copywriting.

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