Action Items on Web Page

When you write and plan the content of your web page, spend some time thinking about what you want your visitor to actually do while on the page.

If part way through your page, some visitors might be ready to buy, then put a Buy Now button right in the middle of the page. Don’t make the visitor have to scroll down to the bottom or look at the navigation button.

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Or perhaps they will want to look at a particular item you are describing, then provide a link to that page.

Some visitors will read to the end of the page. You don’t want to leave them at the end of the page with nothing to do. Sure they could go back and look at your navigation and other buttons, but that’s too much work. You might lose them.

Encourage them to continue their quest by having several actionable items — buttons or links — usually about three.

You can be sensitive here to the different needs of your visitors. Some may be ready to purchase now, so you provide a purchase button or a button to your online catalog.

Others may need more information about your product, so you provide a Learn More link. Maybe some need reassurance about buying over the Internet, so you provide them with a link about your Guarantee.

It can be anything you think important to move your prospect along — a telephone number, testimonials, filling out a question form, etc.

Easy Web Tip #12: Always put thoughtful links in your copy right at the moment your visitor might think about taking an action and make sure they have some choices at the bottom of all your web pages.

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