Find Your Differentiator And Use It Wisely

If you’ve ever worked with a professional marketer or ad agency, I’m sure you’re familiar with the question, “What sets your company apart from your competitors?” It is often a difficult question. Glib answers like “great customer service” don’t cut it. Specificity is required. And careful thinking to find that specificity.

You may come up with several, but you want to find the one that rises to the top as the most important differentiator. Because that is the one that will give a compelling reason for your prospect to contact you first over your competitors – and maybe not even bothering with them.

Web Content Differentiator

Sometimes it’s easy to figure out. Sometimes it’s tough. Sometimes it’s obvious: You’re the exclusive distributor for a furniture line for the area.

Or it may be that you are the oldest dealer in town with 50+ years in the furniture business. That means you are experienced, know how to satisfy customers, and simply know what you’re doing.

Or perhaps you are the new kid in town. Then you can tout your store as the newest, freshest furniture vendor with the most contemporary new looks on the market. Of course as the years go by, you’ll have to find a new differentiator. But you can milk the “new” for a good stretch, especially if no one newer comes on the scene.

Once you find your main differentiator, you should make it an important part of your off and online marketing. You might put it in your Home page headline, your slogan, or About page. Mention it in more than one place on your website.

One thing you shouldn’t do is to be obviously aware of promoting your differentiator. I often hear or read local ads like, “What makes us different is …” or “What sets us apart is …” Don’t do that.

Easy Furniture Web Tip 242: Find out what sets your company apart then promote it without being obvious.

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