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Easy Fix For Hard-To-Remember, Hard-To-Spell Domain Name

So your retail store has your family name and has been around for decades: McGillicutty Lamps & Lighting.

That meant when it came time to build a website, you purchased It seemed logical at the time.

Over the years, you’ve come to realize your website address is hard to remember and hard to spell. This is especially evident when you’re having a conversation with someone or you run a radio spot.

For example, maybe you’re being interviewed on a radio show about the latest high tech lighting fixtures. At the end of the interview, the host says to you, “Where can our listeners find you?” And you reply, “”

For the listener, is it “Mc” or “Mac.” How many L’s and T’s are there? Maybe the listener is driving in her car and when she gets home she tries to remember what she heard. Was it McGillicuddy? Or McGallagher? Or was it McLamps?

It would be so much easier to have a domain name that is easy to remember like

Of course, your-city-name+lamps might already be taken, so how about

Does this mean you should completely transfer your website to this new domain name? Not necessarily. If you did so, you’d have to completely rebrand and that can come with it’s own set of headaches, like reprinting all your business cards, brochures, forms, etc. Also, you would have to redirect all your old domain pages to your new ones.

A simpler solution would be to simply buy the new domain name and point it to your current domain. Both your old domain name and your new one will go to your website.

Then when you are “on the air” or speaking with someone, that’s the website address you give out.

I did this myself. My domain name is It is definitely hard to remember and hard to spell. But I now also own So when I give an interview or speak with someone, the Better Web Sales address is the one I give out.

Easy Web Tip #241: If your web address is hard-to-remember or hard-to-spell, simply buy a different domain and point it to your current one.



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