Welcome? Not!

Although I don’t see it as often as I used to, I still run across consumer web sites that have headlines on their home page saying “Welcome.”

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Companies have an opportunity, front-and-center, to make their best effort to pitch folks to stay on their page and all they can say is “Welcome”?

The purpose of a headline is to keep your visitor on your page.

Yes, for many retail stores, often your images are what catch your visitor’s interest. But all the other retail stores have beautiful images, too. It’s your headline that helps to set you apart from the other stores.

Just putting “Welcome” is a wasted opportunity. Even worse is having no headline at all as many retail stores do.

You should put in something to grab attention and hold your visitor. It could be your unique selling proposition. Are you the oldest dealer of your product in your locality? Are you the hot-shot new guy in town? Do you have the biggest stock in a warehouse? Do you have the biggest showroom?

Or perhaps you just need to put someone in the mood and write something to go with your image. This room could be yours. Imagine coming home to it.

Easy Web Tip #195: “Welcome” is for your doormat, not your home page headline.

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