Video Fatigue On Facebook? Why A Good Graphic Might Be Better.

The trend on social media over the past year or so is for users to post amazing videos in their newsfeeds. Heck, I even had a video go viral on Facebook with over four million views.

Yet, today, when I’m on my Facebook page, I find myself scrolling past one video after another. These videos are labeled, “awesome,” “must-see,” “you won’t believe this,” and, even, “get out the Kleenex.”

Who has the time? Not me. And, frankly, I’m just not that interested anymore in hearing a four-year-old sing Puccini.

Doggy tired of watching Facebook videos.

Most videos in my feed are not commercial; but occasionally a company comes up with a terrific video. And I scroll past those as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for terrific videos whenever a provider can make one; I just don’t think folks need to think that “everything today is video,” and that other types of posts won’t work as well.

I have noticed that a captivating commercial graphic with a good offer will still attract my attention and cut through the clutter. For example, a florist might show a beautiful arrangement with a simple $10 off for Facebook users.

A graphic may even be better than a video as it gets the message to me quickly and I don’t have to click on the video and wait for it to play out.

Easy Web Tip #234: A good graphic with a good offer may be better on Facebook than a video.



    • Katherine Andes

      A good graphic is always, always helpful in communicating your message and breaking up the text. It sure perks up any written document online or off. It’s good to hear from you, Deacon.

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