Video Fatigue On Facebook? Why A Good Graphic Might Be Better.

The trend on social media over the past year or so is for users to post amazing videos in their newsfeeds. Heck, I even had a video go viral on Facebook with over four million views.

Yet, today, when I’m on my Facebook page, I find myself scrolling past one video after another. These videos are labeled, “awesome,” “must-see,” “you won’t believe this,” and, even, “get out the Kleenex.”

Who has the time? Not me. And, frankly, I’m just not that interested anymore in hearing a four-year-old sing Puccini.

Doggy tired of watching Facebook videos.

Most videos in my feed are not commercial; but occasionally a company comes up with a terrific video. And I scroll past those as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for terrific videos whenever a provider can make one; I just don’t think folks need to think that “everything today is video,” and that other types of posts won’t work as well.

I have noticed that a captivating commercial graphic with a good offer will still attract my attention and cut through the clutter. For example, a florist might show a beautiful arrangement with a simple $10 off for Facebook users.

A graphic may even be better than a video as it gets the message to me quickly and I don’t have to click on the video and wait for it to play out.

Easy Web Tip #234: A good graphic with a good offer may be better on Facebook than a video.


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