Sorry Social Media Experts Websites Not Fading Away Anytime Soon

Lately, I’ve been hearing some “social media experts” tell businesses to focus ALL their energy on social media and not their websites. That’s dangerous.

For one thing, I always worry when experts tell businesses, especially retailers, to focus all their attention on any one marketing venue. With marketing, it’s always important to keep an open mind and then evaluate, consider, and test various methods.


It’s true that you need to pay attention to social media. I’ve written quite a bit about the importance of social media, especially Facebook and Twitter.

But Facebook, Twitter, and other social media are still a long way off from eclipsing the need for a well developed website. Here’s why …

  • The vast majority of shoppers are accustomed to looking for a website first on Google. They don’t say, “I want to buy a bedroom dresser, I’ll search on Facebook.”
  • Nor do they say, I’ll search on You Tube. Or Twitter.
  • Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter are more fun-focused than shopping-oriented.
  • Websites still offer more flexibility than Facebook for showcasing product, though Facebook is working diligently in that area.

Personally, I see your website as being the “mother ship.” Your site holds ALL the information a buyer may want to know. Parts of that information will be distributed to other media like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, You Tube, LinkedIn, etc.

Whenever someone is interacting with your business on social media, if they want to know something more about you, they will go to your website.

Easy Web Tip #130: Despite what some “social media experts” say, your website is still the heart of your online marketing. Keep it healthy.

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