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Online “Must Haves” For The Harried Local Business Owner

There’s a lot of noise out there about various web platforms on which local business owners “must have a presence. If you try to do all of them all at once, you’ll go crazy.

Online Must Haves

Here are what I consider the “must haves” for local businesses who simply want folks to find out about their stores or services.

  • Up-To-Date Website
  • Facebook Page
  • Yelp Listing
  • Google My Business Listing

I also recommend the above order. Build or refresh your website first. It’s the mothership of all your online marketing.

However, if you’re a startup niche company, you might want to build your Facebook page first. That way you can start building a following with your friends and family and get some word-of-mouth and cash income going quickly.

“But what about Twitter, Houzz, YP.com, Instagram, and  LinkedIn?” you ask. Yes, those are all good platforms and good opportunities.

I am simply addressing the essentials for the harried owner who is overwhelmed with all the marketing folks calling and telling him what he “must do now to bring in the sales.”

Easy Web Tip #256: Make sure you have an up-to-date website, Facebook page, Yelp listing and Google My Business listing.

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