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On Optimizing for Voice Search

So I’ve had a few calls in recent months from clients telling me they received calls from folks trying to sell search engine optimization services for voice search. The reps claim they can help owners turn up well on voice searches performed on Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. 

Voice search is a big deal so website owners should be concerned. But do they really need to do anything special to get traffic?

I periodically do voice searches on my phone for the sites of my clients and they have performed well.

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That’s because if one is already optimizing for local search and one is a local business, one is good to go.

(Isn’t that fun using the old-fashioned “one” pronoun we learned in school?)

After a call last week, I decided to do just a bit of research. The most helpful article I found that might be useful to you is this one from Forbes.

In the above article, and others, there was significant focus on local optimization, conversational writing, and building out pages to answer questions users might have. FAQ pages are also considered important by this and other articles.

The above are all things I promote with my clients and to my readers.

Easy Web Tip 331: If you’re already optimizing well for regular local search, you won’t need to worry about optimizing for voice search.

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