Keywords Meta Tag is Irrelevant

As far as Google is concerned, filling in your keywords meta tag for your web page is irrelevant. For determining basic search results, Google doesn’t consider the keyword tags at all.

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This is because so many people abused keyword tags by stuffing them so full that they became useless for determining what a page is about.

And that’s what Google does, simply tries to figure out what a page is about.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have keywords. You will have keywords or keyphrases for every web page. You will use them in your title tag, your description tag, and in the body copy of your page.

You will use them conversationally and not cram them awkwardly all over the page.

If your keyword or keyphrase doesn’t fit naturally into your page, you will drop it and just write the sentence naturally.

But there’s no need to put the keywords in the actual keyword tag, at least not where Google is concerned.

Personally, I recommend leaving your keyword tags empty to make it more difficult for any competitor — who might wish to spy on you — from easily seeing your keywords.

Easy Web Tip #60: There is no need to fill in the keyword meta tags. And leaving them blank may slow down competitor spying.

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