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Google Business Profile Posts Are Sticking Longer

Posting on Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) can help a company stand out on a search results page.

In my Easy Web Tip from several years ago, I explained what you need to know about them. I also said it would take 10 to 15 minutes of your time weekly.

Today, I am happy to report it no longer takes time away weekly

It used to be that after a week your post would “expire” and disappear from the search results field. About six months ago, I noticed I wasn’t getting expiration notices anymore. 

So I experimented and found, indeed, posts were sticking and no longer expiring after a week.

I then created two “evergreen” posts for a client and uploaded them. In the image below, I am only able to show you a portion of the Google feature. The posts are below the reviews. 

Example of Google Business Profile Post

As you can see from the dates, the posts above are many months old. However, I anticipate these two posts will expire soon as I just got a notice on another client whose post was six months old. 

Still, not having to post every single week is a nice feature.

I don’t know how long this new policy will last, but you may as well take advantage of it while you can because these attractive posts help make a company stand out on a search results page.

Of course, you can still update weekly if you like, or monthly, or whenever. The main thing is to at least get started.

Easy Web Tip 318: Build two attractive posts for your Google Business Profile page.

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