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Customer Service? Redecorate Your Website.

Years ago an accountant friend of mine told me about a colleague who went to a customer service workshop. When he got back, he redecorated his office.

For some reason, that always stuck with me. Recently, as I began to decorate my home (and office) for the holidays, I began to think about why we go to the trouble and expense of decorating.

Decorations give us a sense of well-being. They make us feel better. They are comforting. Beauty soothes the soul.

Pretty snowfall

Seasonal decorations take this one step further by helping us mark the time.

If the above is true for one’s home, it certainly is true for an office or store.

But how about your website? Could it use a little redecorating?

To freshen a site, doesn’t mean a complete rebuild, although that might be a good idea, too. It simply means to take a look at the top pages folks visit when they first come to your site. You can find those pages through your site statistics.

Then review each of those pages and evaluate just how welcoming and helpful they are from the customer’s perspective.

What could you do to make each page better?

Lastly, I love the idea of adding something seasonal to websites. I once saw a site that had snow falling in the header around Christmas time. I loved it.

Easy Web Tip 335: Good customer service means having the most attractive, helpful, and pleasing website you can.

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