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Click-to-Phone Linking Makes it Easier for Customers to Contact You

Last week I wrote about the value of still having your phone number on your website.

Today I want to encourage you to make your phone number a link. That’s so folks can just click the number and make a call right from their own phone or with Skype. When you click on the phone number you’ll get a prompt to select the phone you wish to use. (You can see from the image that I have a Samsung.)

Click to Call Screenshot

I am a bit late to the game regarding this feature and recommending it to my readers and clients. Don’t know why. 

These phone prompts have been on websites for quite awhile now.

Yet, it wasn’t until my Google Ads colleague asked me to link a phone number on a site I manage and I performed the linking operation that I had my “duh” moment. Why wasn’t I recommending this for my clients and my readers?

It’s probably because, personally, I had never used the feature. I was tickled to discover I could click the number on my computer and have the number come right up on my cell phone with a tap-to-call prompt. How easy is that?

And making it easy for folks to contact us is pretty darn important.

By the way, I did a quick check of several retail store websites and about 70% of them had click-to-phone numbers. So this tip is for the 30% of you who don’t.

Easy Web Tip 326: Make the phone number on your website click-to-call.

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