Boost Conversion Rates of Web Pages with Action Items

Everyone wants their web pages to have high conversion rates, which simply means your prospect goes on to take some sort of action.

One way to boost the conversion rates of your web pages is to make it easy for your visitors “to convert” by putting at least one action item at the end of each of your web pages.

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Whether you are selling a product or looking for lead generation, when someone has taken the time to read to the end of your page, you don’t want to leave him wondering what to do next.

Your prospect may be ready “to convert” by purchasing, so have a “buy now” button handy. But maybe he needs more information, then have a link or a “learn more” button right there for him to continue on his information-gathering quest.

Or maybe he needs to be assured that you are a reliable provider. Then have your guarantee or a link to testimonials readily available.

The important thing is to always be anticipating the needs of your site visitors, then go above and beyond to help them.

Remember, it is annoying for a visitor to come to the end of the page and then have to scout around for the button to get to where he wishes to go next. You may think your site’s navigation is simple and obvious, but that isn’t necessarily clear to your visitor.

Every second of wasted time is a chance for him to click away.

Easy Web Tip #15: Make it easy for your prospects to continue down the sales or lead-generation pipeline by providing one to three links at the bottom of each of your web pages.

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