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Avoiding the Headache of Group Staff Images

Putting actual staff images on your website — as opposed to “stock” images of people — is a good idea. Stock images have a sterile feel. Pictures of actual staffers personalizes your website and helps customers connect with your store. That’s a good thing. 

Silhouettes of Staffers

But over the years, I’ve noticed it’s better to use individual staff images on websites, as opposed to a group photo.

Don’t get me wrong. I like staff group photos. (I just don’t like when everyone jumps in the air!)  It’s always nice when going to a website to see a group of folks smiling, happy, and appearing ready to assist me.

But there are problems. Getting staffers all together in one place for a photo shoot, dressed appropriately, and all with good hair days is challenging. Once the pictures are done, of course someone will be unhappy how he or she looks. Then just as you get the image up on your site … oops, Shelly moves out of state. Next thing you know you’ve hired someone new to replace Shelly. 

You have to start over.

Suddenly, that picture on your website is outdated and annoying the heck out of you.

On the other hand, individual pictures on your site are great. They can be action shots of staffers at work and they can be individual head shots for staff pages. When someone does leave, the images can be easily removed and new staff images added.

The images of staffers in action can also be used on your social media.

By the way, you also have an opportunity for better search rankings if you write bios for each staffer and post it on an individual page. 

Easy Web Tip 350: Avoid the headache of group staff images.

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