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Always Be Thinking Easy

This was pretty stupid. 

I am a subscriber to a largish organization who sent me an email announcement. It was about their new website. 

The announcement was in the form of a very attractive and professional flyer. However, it was NOT linked to the website.

confused Emoji

First stupid.

Then they wrote out a 38-character web address (a.k.a. URL). This also was NOT linked.

Second stupid.

Evidently, they expected folks to type 38 characters into their browser’s search bar.


Third stupid.

I know you wouldn’t make this mistake with your online marketing. But it is a reminder to always be thinking of the person on the other side of an online marketing pitch. Especially with respect to the call-to-action. It should always be easy. Super easy.

Easy Web Tip 337: Don’t expect people to type in long URLs or anything else tricky to contact you. 

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