The Geo Advantage of Adding Lots of Pages to Your Website

Take every opportunity you can to add new pages to your website.

This doesn’t mean your site will be cluttered. In fact, it can still have a very clean look as most of these new pages will be on the third tier of your site — that is they won’t be in the navigation bars. Visitors will access them via a link from a higher level page.

The advantage is that these pages can be optimized for more keywords. For example, your home page may be optimized for “sofas, beds, Houston, texas.” But other pages can be more specific about the beds and sofas with keywords like contemporary, modern, Old World, traditional, hideaways, etc.

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In addition, if your store provides interior decorating, you can add individual portfolio pages of rooms. This is especially helpful to draw in prospects from neighboring cities. For example, if our fictional store in Houston decorated a home in nearby Baytown, I would mention “this home in Baytown” in the body copy of the Web page, as well as in the meta tags. This will help the page to show up high in search engine results in that location bringing Baytown customers to Houston.

Other pages that can help with geographical recognition are testimonials. If you have a testimonial from someone in a specific city, build a simple page around that testimonial, or even a case study.

A Question & Answer forum is also a rich source for building pages. The answer to each question someone submits makes a new page.

With this, you will get keyword phrases you never would have thought of. Some of these keywords will actually bring you a lot of visitors. Again, you can tap the territorial advantage by having the Questioner identified by location.

Once you start brainstorming, you’ll be surprised how many pages you can add!

Easy Web Tip #23:  Each time you add a page to your website, along with a specific geo location, you are casting your net wider to capture customers. And it’s very cost-effective; a once-loaded single web page can capture customers for years and years.

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