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Write It Down. Everything.

I remember when my daughter was in high school and helping a friend with algebra. My daughter said, “She really gets the concepts, her problem is she makes mistakes because she doesn’t write all the steps down, she tries to do it all in her head.” 

If you don’t know already, your mind is a terrible place to store things. It has an uncanny way of promising to remember things and then failing.

Your brain is best for tackling the immediate problem at hand and for happy inspirations.

When those inspirations come about, you need to write them down. Do not rely on your brain to save them for later!

When you do write them down, also note all the little things you can think of related to the topic. A mini-brainstorm

This is especially important for business owners thinking about their marketing challenges. 

When you have an idea for your website, write it down. When you have an idea for an email marketing letter, write it down. Or a novel way to respond to online reviews, write it down. When you have a challenge but don’t know how to solve it yet, write it down. 

Writing ideas down clarifies and organizes problems and solutions, often spurring further inspiration.

Keep your notes in a file you will review regularly, ideally, weekly … but, hey, even I don’t do that. But I try.

Easy Web Tip 287: Promptly, write down every little inspiration for your web marketing.

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