Video vs. Text: Which Is better?

I often judge web issues based simply on my own habits.

Yes, I know that objective testing is best and often yields information contrary to what is anticipated.

But for smaller businesses — who can’t afford a lot of testing — just paying attention to your own habits can be very instructive.

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For example, is it better to have a video with a person explaining some information or is it better to have an article?

Here is what I have observed. One of my favorite weekly newsletters is sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Caffeine. He always writes an interesting column and often he makes a video of the column.

When you open his newsletter, you can either watch the video or you can read the column.

What do I do?

If it’s a lazy morning and I have a nice cup of hot coffee, I click the video, sit back, and enjoy.

Most often, it’s not a lazy morning, so I usually read it and get on with my day. Reading is faster than watching a video.

I am very glad that Gitomer gives me two ways to consume his content. It’s very convenient and much appreciated.

Always think of your customers. How can you serve up information they want to know in the most convenient manner for them?

Easy Web Tip #132: Go ahead and offer videos on your website or in your e-newsletters. But also include the text for those who prefer to read. The text will also help search engines rank your page higher.


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