Turn on a Dime with Internet Marketing

What’s really cool about Internet Marketing is that you can be incredibly flexible with your marketing efforts and turn on a dime.

You don’t have to worry that your web campaign is “perfect” like you do before you commit to an expensive print product, newspaper ad buy, radio spot, or television commercial.

You can literally throw a pay per click ad up on the Internet in minutes. If the ad doesn’t perform the way you like, you can change it in minutes.

If you pair a great sales landing page with your pay per click ad — and you should — then writing a well-constructed sales landing page will take a little longer.

But, again, if the page doesn’t perform as well as you would like, you can change that quickly. And you can change it again and again until it does perform well.

Most retailers don’t take advantage of this amazing flexibility. They write a web page or a pay per click ad and then just let it sit on the Internet without experimenting to see what works best.

Easy Web Tip #22: Even if a campaign is performing well, maybe it will perform better with a change. Test your campaigns and track them. You can always quickly go back to the earlier campaign if the new one doesn’t work as well.

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