SEO Copywriting Is About More Than Websites.

Most of the time I write about the importance of SEO copywriting for websites.

But there are more applications for SEO copywriting than simply web pages.

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Other online platforms benefit from SEO as well. For example, I recently worked on a client’s app title fields and descriptions. I researched the keyword phrase most used in his industry and embedded it ever-so-lightly in a few places in the descriptive fields for his app.

The result? His app turned up higher in search results for related terms.

The same goes for YouTube, Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other places customers might search for your content.

All of these platforms have fields for you to fill in content. Most businesses don’t put that prime “real estate” to use. It just sits there, a half-empty billboard on a busy street.

Filling it with good content will sell your services or products; and, when you implement SEO copywriting, you’ll also get in front of more customers.

Although it’s difficult to keep up with all the various online platforms demanding SEO’d content, it’s well worth the effort.

Easy Web Tip 222: Don’t forget SEO copywriting when uploading content to any web platform.

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