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Revisit, Review, and Refresh. Regularly!

Every few months, you should revisit key pages of your website. These are the pages that are most important for bringing you sales or leads.

Key pages are usually in your top navigational buttons. 

There may also be certain interior pages that consistently bring new people to your website.

You can find which are your popular interior pages from your analytics reports.

It’s a good idea to revisit and review both the key and popular pages. Sometimes a page was written a year ago and you now realize the situation has changed. You may have new information to share. Or you may have new benefits to offer your customers.

While evaluating the content, take a look at the writing. Is it as clear as it should be?  

Recently, a client asked me to do some new work on his site. I had worked on his site three months ago. It was well written, but after a break of three months, I could see places where the text could be refreshed and shored up.

Doing this careful detail work doesn’t take a significant amount of time, but it adds greatly to your website — making it both professional and customer-friendly.

Easy Web Tip #71: Along with always adding new pages to your website, set aside some time to revisit, review, and refresh existing key pages.

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