Quarantine Homework: Check Your Website Links

During this quarantine, I’ve found myself doing a lot of purging of my home office and home in general. I’ve reorganized and streamlined my office. I even bought a fancy glass chair mat to put under my office chair. So exciting! 

Seriously, I get a physical boost to my energy when I do something positive which helps to fight the quarantine blues.

While I’m cleaning up physical things, I am also doing some tidying tasks on my website. One task was super easy to do, so I thought I would pass it on to you: Check all the links on your website to see if any are broken.

Broken Link Fixer

By running your URL through a free link checker tool, a report will be generated telling you which links are broken and on which pages they can be found.

Then you can fix them. 

I only had a handful of broken links, but one was a really important link to a page describing one of my services. I was chagrined to find it broken. I wonder how long it was broken?

Easy Web Tip 290: Fight the quarantine blues. Use some of your slow time to tidy up your office and your website.

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