New Website? It Ain’t Over!

I recently helped a client overhaul his home improvement website for a high end clientele. It was a ton of work and expensive for the client.

As we launched, I was very pleased with the results. It’s a beautiful new website.

But I am frustrated because the site is taking too long to load.

Things like a slow load speed means folks are going to click away before they see what you have to offer.

And I’ve noticed some other issues that should be dealt with.

Often these issues are difficult to detect until after launch.

I want to continue helping him, but he’s off running his busy business and not paying attention.

No matter what a web developer tells you, once a site is launched it ain’t over.

Owners must budget for ongoing costs to update and maintain their websites and other online platforms.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #267: For the best possible ROI for your website investment, be sure to plan for the new and unexpected.

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