Google Algo Changes for SEO and Local Search

Lately, I’ve been reading up on the latest and greatest regarding search engine optimization and the recent Google algorithm update

It’s fascinating. Over the years, the basics have pretty much stayed the same.

The current changes do seem to be putting more emphasis on content, but links are still important.

For local companies, the news remains very good. If you do a good job on the basics, you are likely to fare well in local search results.

The “basics” include:

  • Writing good title and description tags 
  • Using keywords in these tags 
  • Using those same keywords in the text on the page 
  • Developing new pages
  • Linking internally on your website to important pages 
  • Getting incoming links from relevant sites

Regarding links, local businesses can start by getting links from their Chambers of Commerce, supplier websites, industry associations, etc.

If you do the above, you are likely to have a site that ranks very well for local search results. You’ll be surprised how many businesses don’t even do the basics.

Easy Web Tip #281: For good local search results, SEO basics are still king.

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