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Good Websites Take Time, Talent, and Treasure

Recently, I was speaking with a client and he was expressing his extreme disappointment with his current website.

He had purchased the site from a “industry website provider,” and he thought the yearly maintenance fee meant that they would be regularly uploading fresh content and doing effective search engine optimization (SEO).

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They didn’t provide any of that.

His site was impossible to find and he didn’t get one lead from it.

To make matters worse, when my client tried to upload fresh content himself, he found that his access to the site was very limited.

He had paid thousands of dollars for the site, and it hadn’t made a dime for his company!

Industry template websites often seem the perfect solution for a small client without the resources to build a full-blown site. But if not carefully customized by the owner, they rarely make for good websites.

So if you can’t easily access your site to customize and upload fresh content yourself, then your results will be terrible or non-existent.

Even people who build their own unique sites often get zero or poor results from their websites.

And, again, this is because owners are simply not putting enough into developing web pages that attract search engines and convert visitors into leads or customers.

Easy Web Tip #56: Spend some time thinking about what you want from your website: Better Customer Service? Leads? Online Sales? In-Store Traffic? Then invest time, talent, and treasure to achieve those goals by developing a truly good and effective website.

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