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For Heaven’s Sake Start Collecting Email Addresses

Lately, I’ve had a few customers who I did work for a few years ago, tell me, “I know you told me to collect email addresses, but I haven’t collected any.” One client has a direct mailing list of 15,000 prior customers, but they don’t have one email address!

What a waste!

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Despite all the spam email, sending an email to your customers isn’t a nuisance for them. It’s a convenience. They prefer it.

Yes, you can still send direct mail, but you’ll pay for all that printing, handling, and postage. But will it get opened on time for your event?

My grown children pick up their mail from the neighborhood mailbox about once a week! Sometimes longer. They check their email everyday. They don’t get the newspaper either.

They are young with a growing family and upwardly mobile. So how are you going to get at them if you don’t use email and other new media? Oh, they do watch TV and listen to some radio, so those are still good ways to advertise.

With email, you can send your information for pennies on the dollar. Plus you’ll know exactly who opens the email and clicks on a link.

In addition, if you have something quick you want to do, you can get it to your customer base quickly … within minutes.

Easy Web Tip 141: Don’t put it off. Start collecting email addresses on your website, in your store, and whenever you grab a business card.

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