Do You Even Need Text On Your Home Page?

Sometimes I have a client who balks at putting virtually any words on the home page. He wants just images, no words.

Do you need many words on web page?

Yes, pictures of gorgeous products will sell  more than words ever will.

But if good rankings in search engines matter to you, pictures alone won’t drive customers to your website. You need words in order to embed your site’s most important keywords.

Now if your don’t care about non-paid or organic listings to drive traffic to your site then, by all means, just use pictures.

Also monster brands can go without much text.

You might wonder if you can just put the text on your interior pages for organic search purposes. Yes, you can. That is a strategy. But since the home page is still considered the most important page of a website, I would err on the side of optimizing it for search results as well.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of words. Usually, somewhere between 250 and 450 words will be fine for search purposes.

And remember, the purpose of text isn’t just for search engine optimization; it’s also there to help the sale along.

Easy Web Tip 226: Home pages should have enough text to help with higher rankings in search results and to help motivate the buyer.

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